How Kind Of You To Join Us

Many of us have been using pads since we were teens. They were bulky, incredibly inconvenient and the potential for leakage was real. As they piled up in the wastebasket, we couldn’t help but think about them taking years to decompose in a landfill. Although they improved over time, a few factors remained the same - harmful chemicals and waste.

Enter, bamboo. 

We discovered that bamboo plants are a natural alternative to the materials found in traditional pads. Compared to cotton and wood pulp, bamboo is a renewable and self-replenishing resource that requires less water and energy to produce. It’s a versatile plant that’s more absorbent, feels soft to the touch and naturally contains antibacterial properties. We realized it’s a great source for a different kind of sanitary pad.

Every month, we have the choice to use pads that can make a difference. That’s why we created a sustainable product that’s kind to you and kind to Earth. Our pads are crafted using natural bamboo fiber and other plant-based materials - free of plastic and harsh chemicals. Kindfully is your earth-friendly sustainable solution for a happy period, naturally.