What makes Kindfully pads more earth-friendly than other pads out there?

We commit to creating sustainable products by using materials that minimize our environmental impact. Our bamboo is harvested from FSC certified plantations. (The Forest Stewardship Council certifies forests all over the world to ensure they meet the highest environmental and social standards.) Read more on why we love bamboo here. We also use Earth-friendly elements for compostable wrappers and packaging made from recycled materials. Our shipping tape can also be composted or recycled.

Do you use any plastic in your product or packaging?

When we developed our product, we committed to using zero traditional plastics when possible in both our pads and packaging. They are also free of fragrances, chlorine, and other harsh chemicals. We even use recycled or compostable materials wherever possible. Even the shipping tape outside of the box is Earth-friendly.

Are Kindfully pads hypoallergenic?

Yes, they are hypoallergenic, non-irritating, and free of harsh chemicals. Great for the sensitively skinned among us.

Where are Kindfully products made?

They’re designed by women in California and responsibly made in China in an ISO, BRC, and GMP certified facility where they have worked with the manufacturers to source the most sustainable materials they can for the pad and packaging.

How should I dispose of Kindfully products?

The wrapper is compostable and our products are plant-based, but we kindly ask you not to throw them into the toilet. Trust us--your toilets won’t like them.

How do I place the pad?

Remove the wrapper, then peel off the release paper. Place pad onto underwear with the adhesive side down.

How often should I change my pad?

A liner or pad can be changed anywhere from 2-6 hours, or as needed.