*Sold Out* Overnight Pads with Wings

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Absorbency: Heavy

Never lose sleep over your period again. Our overnight pads are soft and breathable, featuring a super absorbent bamboo core and wings that stay in place to keep you comfy all night long. Sweet dreams ahead.

  • Chlorine-free
  • Earth-friendly
  • Fragrance-free


    28 Pads Per Box

    Because We Know
    There Is
    No Planet B

    Our bamboo is sourced from FSC® certified plantations. Both layers and our wrappers are made from compostable plant-based materials.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Heavy Flow

    As someone with a heavy flow, finding a good product is crucial. These pads are super absorbent and I can go some time without changing and without worry. However, I wish that they were longer in the back and wider in the front. Often I’d leak at the back when I was sitting down or laying down. since these are overnight pads they should work for it. I also often leak in the front on the sides, I don’t know why but every single time I wake up and during my first few days (days 1-3 are so heavy that I use overnight pads for max absorption) I leak in these areas. I’m currently on day 4 and it’s better but keep in mind my period will most likely end tomorrow or the next day.

    I want to love them, but it’s unfortunate that I still have to spend money outside of these pads in order to make sure I’m fully covered and secured. It’s a blessing I’ve been home because if I had went out in public it would’ve been way worse.

    Overall good product but i’m a little hesitant to say they are actually good for overnight, considering that they can’t handle me laying down or in different positions.

    Milan <3

    I absolutely enjoy using this specific product ! I've since stopped having so much trouble on my cycle and these products have made my menstruation easier to manage. I love the size and I'm always so comfortable. Period products can make or break how you view your time of the month. I CHOOSE KINDFULLY.

    Lina Gallardo
    Best Decision Ever!

    I was skeptical at first but omg am I impressed. Generic pad were always so irritating, and these aren't like at all. Plus they are so adsorbent! I was worried because I got the wrong size and need to go up but I never leaked. I still am going one size up, but that's more for comfort lol! Over all super impressed and can't wait to get more!

    The best

    So much healthier and more comfortable for me and the planet too!

    Christina Piazza
    The best

    Comfortable, much more absorbent than typical brands. Hope this brand ends up in Whole Foods and other big stores. Great for people and the environment.