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Absorbency: Normal

This go-to pad is the perfect blend of serious sustainability and security. It features a soft and breathable cover, fast-absorbing bamboo core, and wings that stay put to prevent leaks. Classic and comfortable, we’ve got you covered.

  • Chlorine-free
  • Earth-friendly
  • Fragrance-free

36 Pads Per Box

Because We Know
There Is
No Planet B

Our bamboo is sourced from FSC® certified plantations. Both layers and our wrappers are made from compostable plant-based materials.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Christina Piazza

By far the best pad out there

Leigh Shepherd
Great Quality and Earth Friendly

I love these pads! I love that I don't have to compromise on quality to get a product that is earth friendly. These pads give me great coverage and I have been using them for several months now with no leaks. They are comfortable and stay in place.

Danielle Ward
Adhesive is a little TOO good

Before I started using Kindfully I always felt bad being so wasteful with period products. I do not like using reusable menstrual cups or absorbent underwear, so I knew biodegradable pads were the right choice for me. Now that I have tried them, I absolutely LOVE Kindfully pads!! They are thin but surprisingly absorbent, rarely leak, and stay in place very well.

The one downside I have found is the adhesive is so sticky that it rips the pad apart as I try to remove it. I also find bits of stuck-on material from the wings left on my underwear that takes a while to pull off. I read a few other recent reviews that say the adhesive doesn’t stick well enough, which makes no sense to me because I have the complete opposite problem! Maybe it’s the underwear I use that makes the pads stick so well. I’ve never had issues with the adhesive not sticking.

Overall I really enjoy these pads, and the super-sticky adhesive is something I can live with. I cannot recommend these pads enough. They are amazing and sooo worth the price!

Nina Balsamo
Excellent Product!

Signed my daughter and I up for a subscription, and we are both extremely pleased with the quality and comfort of these products. Our goal is to slowly become a sustainable household, and this was part of our transition. Fantastic pads!

Brenda Grimm
Best product ever and very KIND business

Kindfully sent us a generous amount of pads for a new mother and she said the absorption of these pads are AMAZING!. We love how thin they are. The packaging is adorable. Shipping is very fast and it’s earth friendly which makes it even more amazing! I highly recommend purchasing/subscribing to this, you will not be disappointed :)