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Absorbency: Normal

This go-to pad is the perfect blend of serious sustainability and security. It features a soft and breathable cover, fast-absorbing bamboo core, and wings that stay put to prevent leaks. Classic and comfortable, we’ve got you covered.

  • Chlorine-free
  • Earth-friendly
  • Fragrance-free

36 Pads Per Box

Because We Know
There Is
No Planet B

Our bamboo is sourced from FSC® certified plantations. Both layers and our wrappers are made from compostable plant-based materials.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Daina Keel
Too biodegradable

I loved kindfully pads at first, which was about a year ago. But my last shipment was a complete waste of money. The pads start to fall apart as soon as I put them on, even before that, because the adhesive is stronger than the pad material, the wings usually rip off while I am putting the pad on, and by the time I have to take it off I struggle to keep it in one piece, usually ending up with a big ripped bloody mess! Needless to say, the experience is too frustrating for me, so I am giving up on using these pads.

Agnes A.
The good & the bad

Pros: - I love how it is earth friendly and good for my body. I don't have to feel bad using pads and thinking that it won't disappear for a million years. lolz
- The pads and the liners are just right thickness and can hold a good flow.
- Not itchy at all, especially the wings that are usually an issue for with other products.

Cons: - for the pads, it falls apart especially the sides where the wings are. The first time I used the liner for like an hour the fibers were starting to come off. :( As my flow grew stronger the pads
would sometimes separate. It doesn't to all the pads, but still, it stresses me out especially when I'm not at home and I need to change.
(I also let my sister try the pads and the same happened to her where the pads started falling apart.) I'm not sure if it's just the batch that I received or it's something that needs to be
improved by the company.

Overall, it was a 50 - 50 experience for me. I love the whole concept and the goal of product. I still have high hopes for it and would like to try it again in the future when some product improvements have been made.

Milan <3
Great Pads

I noticed after I stopped buying store brand and other name brand pads that have chemicals in them my periods have not been bad at all. I absolutely love kindly, concerning the regular pads and I'm sure the rest of the products I would just find a way to make them rip less easier. Other than that I enjoy using them, love the cause.

Christina Piazza

By far the best pad out there

Leigh Shepherd
Great Quality and Earth Friendly

I love these pads! I love that I don't have to compromise on quality to get a product that is earth friendly. These pads give me great coverage and I have been using them for several months now with no leaks. They are comfortable and stay in place.